East Meets West

Recently, I did a lesson on cultural differences between the East and West. My students and I went through some of Yang Liu’s East Meets West infographics – showing some differences between the West (German-centric) and the East (Chinese-centric). I asked my freshmen to make their own infographics, and the results were creative!

*Note: These are to show differences, not to say one is better than the other.*

IMG_1757 copy



Eating Utensils


Drinking Water: “In the West, people always drink cold water, and in the East, people like drinking hot water.”


Eating Meals


Ways of Thinking: “Think something new and different” || “Think something old and identical”


Conjugal Relations (Marriage Gender Balance)


Civilization: “When it comes to civilization, Chinese often look back to show their rich and long history, while Americans would more likely look forward to their advanced technology.”


Associations with Red


The Cultivation of Intellect: “I will find the reason by myself” || “I remembered that the teacher had taught us…”


Praise for Achievements: “Chinese parents are proud of their children’s high test score, while American parents might be proud of their children playing sports well.”


Learning Styles: “Learn from experience” || “Learn from books”


After Class


Greetings: “How are you?” || “Have you eaten?”


Gardens: “I’m going to grow vegetables in my backyard” || “I’m going to plant flowers in my garden”


Personal Privacy


Seeing a Handsome Boy: “Hey man! Can I have your number?” || “Oh! What a handsome boy!”


Crossing the Street: “In the West, people always keep the rule and in order. They wait on the line until the traffic light turns green. Even though sometimes there are few cars, they won’t break the rule. In the East (in China), it is the common thing, there are some people that won’t follow the rule. As long as there are few cars, they will go through it as quick as possible.”

So what do you think? Which ones do you agree with? Disagree with?


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