Chinese LGBTQ Lexicon



“I miss you”

While my mastery of Mandarin might still be shaky, I’m fascinated by the language used by and for LGBTQ people here in China. Below are some words and phrases I’ve learned during my time here. This is not an extensive list of words/phrases used, but everything I could muster up. Happy learning! Or should I say, “Gay learning!”?

同性恋 Tongxinglian = homosexual

同性爱 Tongxingai = same-sex love

同志 Tongzhi = literally means comrade, used for gays and lesbians

酷儿 Ku’er = queer

变性人 Bianxingren = transgender

阴阳人 Yinyangren = transexual

双性恋 Shuangxinglian = bisexual

给 Gei = gay

拉拉 Lala = lesbian or bisexual woman

百合 Baihe = lesbian

T = tomboy / butch lesbian (not trans)

P = lipstick lesbian

好奇 Haoqi = bicurious

直 Zhi = straight

出柜 Chugui = to come out

伴侣 Banlü = partner

同妻 Tongqi = a straight woman who marries a gay man

形式结婚 Xingshijiehun = marriage of convenience, between a gay man and a lesbian

恐婚 Konghun = fear of marriage

变装皇后 Bianzhuanghuanghou = drag queen

名媛 Mingyuan = a handsome and sociable gay guy, literally “debutante”

茶水妹 Chashuimei = guys on Weibo who try to get juicy gossip on famous mingyuan

金主 Jinzhu = sugar daddy

熊 Xiong = bear

猴子 Houzi = twink

蛇 She = slim guy

娘 Niang = sissy or effeminate (not necessarily gay though)

CC = sissy

炮友 Paoyou = friends with benefits

同仁女 Tongrennü = a woman who hangs out around gay men

腐女 Funü = a woman who hangs out around gay men; literally “rotten woman”

1 Yi = top

0 Ling = bottom

0.5 Lingdianwu = versatile

(小)攻  (Xiao) Gong = top; literally “take the offensive”

(小)受  (Xiao) Shou = bottom; literally “receive”

419 Four One Nine = “for one night” / one-night stand

约炮 / 约 Yuepao / Yue = hook-up

强攻 Qianggong = power top

帝王攻 Diwanggong = strict top (always active, never passive)

美受 Meishou = sub bottom

女王受 Nüwangshou = power bottom

弱攻 Ruogong = sub top

忠犬攻 Zhongquangong = a very loyal top who will not be enticed by others

公主 Gongzhu = an effeminate gay guy; literally “princess”

龙阳 Longyang =  male homosexual

分桃 Fentao = homosexual; literally “sharing peaches”

断袖 Duanxiu = homosexual; literally “cut sleeve”

断背 Duanbei = homosexual; literally “Brokeback” (as in Brokeback Mountain)

断臂 Duanbi = homosexual; literally “broken arm”

飘飘 Piaopiao = gay male; literally “to float in the breeze”

玻璃 Boli = gay male; literally “glass”

基情 Jiqing = bromance, gay love

Hope this was helpful! I’m still trying to find how to say, “Yaaaaaas” in Mandarin though.


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